Susannah Lints ceramics Home

About my work

I craft earthenware ceramic pieces asking to be touched and used, offering pleasure to both the hand and eye, and transporting the mind and spirit to the fragmentary memories and moments where all of us find ourselves present; in nature. While my work is often functional, my ultimate aim is for the pieces I create to invite the viewer to celebrate the beauty that surrounds us.


I find beauty and inspiration in my local area, walking through public gardens in and around Portland, Oregon and visiting antique, thrift, and fabric stores. Prints from a 40s tablecloth, the color in a new rose bud or a piece of enamelware could spark a new line of investigation.

As a Master Gardener for many years, I'm also deeply connected to the balance of nature and plant life. My shapes, images and embellishments depict the changing plant and animal environment I witness in my garden each day. Gathering fresh ideas for the studio keeps the process dynamic, and may spark a series of twelve or just a piece or two.


Forming pieces often begins on the wheel, and then they are further altered by hand. I highlight the structure by emphasizing seams and attachments, glazing some areas while leaving burnished clay exposed in others. My ultimate aim is to execute a high level of fine craftsmanship, addressing every surface whether you will see it or not.

While I consider myself a sculptor and a potter, I really love to paint and draw. Through the alchemy of the kiln, I can create one-of-a-kind pieces with textures and vibrant colors that hover beneath the surface. These sometimes-volatile surfaces with tiny black specks breaking out from under the colors allow the viewer to reach into fragmentary memories, focus his or her attention, before transporting him into the present moment.

About use and food safety

My work is made from Red Earthenware. This is low fire-clay body, fired to 1950 degrees Fahrenheit. All of my glazes are food safe and dishwasher safe. I don't recommend the use of this clay in ovens or microwaves.

About purchasing my work

These one-of-a-kind pieces make wonderful, lasting gifts for a variety of occasions. I am always working on new pieces, available for purchase through my Etsy store. I also welcome custom orders. You can contact me directly via email or via the comments feature of Etsy to discuss custom work.