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Subtractive Exploration and Textural Additions: Visual Obsessions Workshop, Day 2

July 24th, 2012

Visual Obsession, Pivotal Moments and the Passage of Time, Workshop Day 2

Thursday began with a discussion about altering an existing book. the idea is to scratch for ideas and respond to words phrases or images in an existing book . The process involves editing with gesso allowing us to focus on a single word or phrase, and to add our own ideas to the “sketchbook” The beauty of this exercise is that you never have to face the dreaded blank page.

a striking page in the altered book

I had to overcome my reticence to mark in a printed book. I was taught never mark or color in any book.

Possible actions are; scratching for ideas,gluing stuff in, conceal/reveal,gesso


Thursday afternoon

Andrea began a demonstration of creating grounds by putting acrylic paint on wet Bristol paper. We explored using brushes and other tools such as grout spreaders to give different visual texture.

Tools: Bristol paper, matt medium, foam brush, acrylic paint in at least 2 colors,water.


mixing color for ground exercise


creating her background with acrylics

having fun

Thursday afternoon came and it was time to go. Already, we had 3 element we had created; the small process paintings with lines and circles, the altered book, and the large acrylic grounds.I had no idea where we might be going with this exercise or how it might relate to what we did yesterday. I was intrigued and it got me thinking about these elements and how they might all relate. Couldn’t wait for day 3.